Walk and Talk!

October 10, 2019 By dflorian
Danny Frownfelter, Mask 2018

North Shore artist, Daniel Frownfelter, took a break from his practice to join me for this month’s Walk and Talk! Please enjoy our conversation covering: Halloween, Alice Cooper, and more.

Diane Florian (DF): Dan! Welcome to Walk and Talk!

Daniel Frownfelter (Frownfelter): Hello!

DF: What have you got there? What are you drinking?

Frownfelter: A drink. It’s chocolate.

DF: Muscle Milk. You’ve got lots o’ protein there.

Frownfelter: Oh yeah.

DF: So what have you been thinking about lately? Are you looking forward to Halloween?

Frownfelter: Yep!

DF: What do you like about Halloween?

Frownfelter: It’s good. Definitely.

DF: Why?

Frownfelter: Umm. Making a pumpkin.

DF: Do you enjoy carving pumpkins?

Frownfelter: Yes

DF: Me too. Me too. I think I’m going to try and go to a pumpkin patch, soon.

Frownfelter: Pumpkin Patch! Let’s do it!

DF: Haha, yeah! Maybe I’ll bring a pumpkin or two for the studio if I go

Frownfelter: I wanna eat um…apple pie contest

DF: Have you participated in pie eating contests before?

Frownfelter: Yes! It’s-my favorite.

DF: Did you win any of them?

Frownfelter: * starts kicking apples on the ground*

DF: There are so many apples out here!

Frownfelter: *takes a closer look at a crushed apple* Ew! That’s so gross!

DF: Lots of smashed apples…so are you dressing up this Halloween?

Frownfelter: The evil doll.

DF: The evil doll? Chucky?

Frownfelter: Yes.

DF: Chucky used to scare me when I was a kid.

Frownfelter: You? Yeah, me too.

DF: Yeah?

Frownfelter: Eat your heart out!

DF: Haha! Are you quoting something?

DF: Chucky’s Bride

DF: I hardly remember that movie. I’m probably going to search the scene you’re quoting later today.

Frownfelter: I want-a board for Halloween

DF: For what?

Frownfelter: Make a board. I want to make a sign-like Halloween Spook.

DF: This sounds like something we can do for our upcoming Halloween party. Are you going to our party planning meeting tomorrow?

Frownfelter: Yeah. Me and…Aaron [North Shore artist, Aaron Kleeblatt].

DF: Yep, I think he plans to attend.

DF: I noticed that you enjoy watching videos of people walking through haunted houses. What do you like about haunted houses?

Frownfelter: Oh yeah, haunted house. The haunted house-like-Frankenstein; it’s my favorite- a snake woman.

DF: Like Medusa?

Frownfelter: Yeah…I-um-a snake woman..the mummy in Egypt.

DF: So you’re more a fan of the different monsters and characters

Frownfelter: Yes. How about Alice Cooper!

DF: What about him?

Frownfelter: Hahaha. Alice Cooper is um-like-I was your- your nightmare.

DF: I’m your worst nightmare? Is that a song?

Frownfelter: Yes. Alice Cooper is about- a rock n’ roll guy…and he says the worst nightmare.

DF: *looks up “Alice Cooper nightmare song”* Ohhh, “Welcome to My Nightmare”

Frownfelter: Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa…I am Alice Cooper…this is Halloween spooky night. Wahaaaa. Hey…guess what? Do you know where Alice Cooper is?

DF: Where?

Frownfelter: Alice Cooper is…Alice Cooper-he was in The Muppets.

DF: Aw, I like The Muppets. When was he in it?

Frownfelter: Like a- like a evil muppet.

DF: I didn’t know-Oooo-look our shadows.

Frownfelter: Oh yeah

DF: *both stop to do shadow hand puppetry*

DF: Hello!

Frownfelter: Hello! I’m your worst nightmare. Ahahahahhahahahhaha

DF: Haha

Frownfelter: *improvises a scene on his own and in a scary voice* Hey-hey YOU. You’re the worst evil nightmare!?

Frownfelter: Yes

Dan F: Ahahahhaaa!

DF: I’d watch this show. You know there was a Frankenstein show that had shadow puppetry sometime last year? I missed it though. I was really bummed.

DF: Oooooo

DF: So what about music? Any must listen to Halloween music?

Frownfelter: The head is ticking…the time warp-the time waaaaaarp!

DF: Rocky Horror Picture Show! I’m going to try and catch that in theaters this year. Who’s your favorite character?

Frownfelter: Franken Berger [Frank N. Ferter] and…and-and the maid [Magenta]

DF: I’m starting to get excited for our Halloween Party.

Frownfelter: It’s gonna be scaaary! Wahahahahahaha!

DF: I look forward to it! So you have a few spooky looking sketches-any of the more recent ones Halloween related?

Frownfelter: Yes. It’s called Halloween Spook. A sign.

DF: Are you working on it right now?

Frownfelter: Not yet. I’m making the DX.

DF: What is “The DX”?

Frownfelter: The wrestling. WWE.

DF: Ahhh, that’s right, you’re a wrestling fan. Who’s the best wrestler?

Frownfelter: Kane…and the Undertaker. Kane is back on Raw again!

DF: Kane is back on Raw, baby!

DF: Made our way around the lot already! Well thanks for your time Danny I really appreciate it.

Frownfelter: Goodbye!

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