Walk and Talk!

November 15, 2019 By dflorian
Arts of Life Cookies, 2017

Several artists at the North Shore studio joined me for a special Walk and Talk! this week. Please enjoy our Thanksgiving feast fantasy!

Question proposed:

“If we were to host an amazing Thanksgiving dinner-totally fictional- but amazing nonetheless-who would you invite? One guest per person but no limits on who it could be; this person can be fictional, famous, deceased, etc.”

List based on artist responses:


Edward Rawski & Martin Short

Becky Kubica & Dan Akroyd

Aaron Kleeblat & Van Gogh

David Jonaitis & Martin Luther King

Oly Trindl & Lady Gaga

Daniel Frownfelter & Alice Cooper

Ted Hamel & Hollie Steel

Amanda Gantner & Usher

Raina Carter & Ariana Grande

Hector Jones & Aries Spears

Brian Reed & Abraham Lincoln

Artists did not forget to include loved ones in our guest list. Some artists mentioned friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and roommates.

In addition to creating a guest list, artists also compiled a list of their favorite foods:


“Shish kabobs and a little hummus” -Rebecca Turner

“Chicken shrimp fettuccini alfredo” – Hector Jones

“Maybe choose yams”- Edward Rawski

“Gluten-free mac and cheese” – David Jonaitis

“Mac and cheese” – Nikole Heusman, Oly Trindl, and Aria Carter

“Sweet potatoes” – Ted Hamel and Amanda Gantner


“Apple Pie” – Rebecca Turner and Daniel Frownfelter

“Pumpkin Pie”- Brian Reed and Raina Carter

“Something a little bit light-apples or blueberries” – Becky Kubica

“Glazed doughnuts” – Chris Austin

North Shore artists also recognized that reflection and gratitude are important parts of Thanksgiving.

“I’m thankful for everybody for being here in the studio. Thankful for life.”- David Jonaitis

“I’m thankful for everybody cuz they make me happy. I’m nice to my family-I’m thankful for all the happiness-I’m happy!” – Rebecca Turner

“I’m thankful for family, friends, my mom, dad, sister and roommates”. -Nikole Heusman

Good food and good people. It doesn’t any get better than that. Happy holidays, everyone!