Walk and Talk!

July 12, 2019 By dflorian

North Shore studio artists, Amanda Gantner, Carol Pyes, and Edward Rawski took a break from art making to join me for a Walk and Talk this week. Please enjoy our conversation covering: art making outdoors, flowers, wildlife, and more.

Diane Florian (DF): Welcome to Walk and Talk folks! How is everyone? How’s the art making going?

Amanda Gantner (AG): Good.

Carol Pyes (CLP): Good.

Edward Rawski (ER): No, arts looking good that way. People come to art classes and know what to do.

DF: Good. I’m glad it’s going well. So, you three come to the walks pretty consistently. What do you like about them?

ER: It’s good. It’s nice and fresh anyway. It’s a good walk- do you think Carol?

CLP: Yeah.

DF: I like getting fresh air. Sometimes I find inspiration for work on the walks, too.

AG: Yeah, nice weather.

ER: If the weather’s hot, you walk. It’s cold, you don’t walk. That’s why people have to wear different clothes.

DF: Have any of you ever gone outside to paint or draw?

ER:  I sketched flowers, trees, and other things when I was in Spain.

DF: Where in Spain?

ER: In Barcelona. I sketched a big church. Nice trip to Spain, so.

AG: Sidewalk

DF: Oh yeah?

AG: With chalk.

DF: Yeah, I like making art outside-especially when I’m in a beautiful landscape. It’s been a while though.

ER: Yeah, the environment. The flowers turn red, usually.

DF: Do you all have a favorite flower?

ER: I think I like roses. Daisies, too.

AG: Yeah. Roses. They’re beautiful

ER:I used to go to the gardens and I saw roses. 

DF: Which gardens?

ER: The Botanic Gardens in Glencoe. I’m going to go one day and visit some more. 

DF: That sounds nice. If you all could go anywhere to paint, where would you all choose to go?

AG: Backyard. Paint flowers.

DF: Yeah?

AG: Oh yeah. Get a tan.

ER: I want to go to the beach one day. And go swimming sometime. Get a tan, too.

AG: Paint the sun.

DF: That sounds nice. Oh! Look at the orange lilies!

ER: I like those big flowers.

DF: Yeah, they’re lovely. It’s hot out!

ER: People can lay like this and see the sun.

AG: Get a suntan.

DF: Yeah. Zoos and sanctuaries are also places people go to draw.

ER: I’ve been to Lincoln Park zoo where they’ve got goats, and bears, and cats too.

CP: Uh-huh

DF: What kind of animal would you draw?

AG: A dog. Or a cat. A panda bear. I’m a panda.

DF: Aw, I love pandas!

CLP: A cat!

DF: Cat’s are pretty cool.

ER: I would paint a fox.

DF: That’s a good one. I like foxes. I think I’d enjoy painting birds. Oh, look, I think there’s a hawk up there! Hear the screeches?

ER: Oh yeah, I see it.  A big hawk.

DF: Yeah, there’s more than one.  How cool.

DF: Well, we’re back! What a lovely walk. Thank you so much for the chat everyone.

CLP and AG: You’re welcome.

ER: Anytime.

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