Who is Van Go Go?

September 5, 2013 By vincent-uribe

You may have seen them at The Arts of Life’s Summer Carnival. Or maybe you have been hearing all those hipsters with the skinny jeans and exaggerated mustaches talking about them at the bus stop.
But who is Van Go Go? 
It started in 2011 when the North Shore Music Ensemble (NSME) was formed. As the group grew over its first year, NSME premiered their first collaborative project Get the Dinosaurs on the Phone!; A feature length rock opera music video produced by Tower Guard Productions and veteran musician and producer Domenic Bucci. By 2013 the group realized that a synergistic tendency was forming as a result of the success of the dinosaur production. Natural connections were being made between members and the potential to work together far exceeded the more individualistic nature of the ensemble. It took little deliberation to determine that what was really happening was that a band was forming. So in March the group officially retired as an ensemble and put on their favorite faded jeans and t-shirt as the new and improved North Shore band, Van Go Go!
Their sound?
It’s a warm blend of reggae, roots rock, and funk. There are lyrical hooks and dance grooves that are bound to stick in your frontal lobe and make your feet do things you thought only James Brown was capable of. Since the group has rewired itself, they have written 10 new original songs such as Monster Man, Bad Girls, and Danger to Society (Sometimes). A debut LP and tour is high on the list of priorities for the coming year. 
When can I see them next?
Van Go Go’s current project, Big Breakfast Biscuit Bonanza is an ongoing variety show production rooted in their days as an ensemble and will be the featured entertainment for the North Shore September Exhibition: Sketchbook Swap on Friday, September 27th from 6-8pm. This event is free and open to the public. 
Van Go Go is: Rebecca Turner (Vocals), Danny Frownfelter (Vocals), Nikole Heusman (Vocals), Pam Robe (Vocals), Hector Jones (Vocals), Montell Payne (Electronic Vocals), Russell Copenharve (Vocals), John Sharp (Guitar, Vocals, Lapsteel), Domenic Bucci (Lead Guitar), Chris Monzel (Drums, Guitar, Banjo), Paul Kilner (Vocals, Percussion), Ted Gram-Boarini (Vocals)