Your Donation in Action!

November 1, 2016 By vincent-uribe

You’ve donated to The Arts of Life – amazing! Wonder how it’s being spent? Find out below!$1 to $49$2 pays for a soup lunch for an artist who forgot their meal$5 purchases 1 pad of paper$6 daily PACE transportation for 1 artist$15 provides 1 order of exhibition postcards$15 pays for 1 pint of glitter$20 purchases a grab bar to increase studio accessibility$20 covers 1 month worth of glue$20 covers 1 month worth of painters tape$25 frames one-piece$25 funds 1 birthday party for 1 artist$25 covers transportation costs for 1 field trip$30 covers supply costs for 1 art demo$30 covers hand sanitizer for 1 month for one studio$30 pays for a magnifier for artist with visual impairment $30 pays for one hour of continuing education for our staff to receive the latest training about disability support services$40 covers materials/labor for framing one work on paper$40 provides 2 months worth of hand soap $45 provides an Artforum subscription for one year$50 to $99$50 provides needed support for up to 4 artists to attend a community exhibition$50 funds for 4 months worth of butcher paper$60 pays for 2 weeks of acrylic paint$60 provides 1 hanging chair/suspension kit for the North Shore studio’s new sensory room$60 allows us to send flowers to artists when they lose a family member or loved one$75 provides 1 month worth of paper towels $80 remits a sketchbook for each artist at 1 studio$100 to $249$100 1 month of transportation for an artist to/from The Arts of Life$100 yields for 4 months worth of paint brushes$100 pays for 6 months worth of sharpies$100 covers up to 8 new art books$100 pays for one new microphone for The Arts of Life Band or Van Go Go$100 pays for a Halloween/Valentine’s Day/Winter Holiday/Summer BBQ party$150 provides 4 month of studio markers$200 covers 1 year worth of artwork labels $200 pays for one new speaker for The Arts of Life Band or Van Go Go$210 covers one week of personal care supports, like bathroom and mealtime assistance, for artists at the North Shore studio with physical disabilities$250 to $499$250 provides 6 months of framing costs for 1 artist$250 will provide us a new pressure washer$350 pays for the production of 100 screenprinted shirts$400 covers 2 weeks of art supplies for 1 studio$500 to $999$500 covers 1 year of framing costs for 1 artist $600 yields 6 months of canvases$600 provides 6 months of transportation for an artist to/from The Arts of Life$1,000 & Above$1,000 provides 10 easels$1,000 covers 1 exhibition$1,000 will provide us with a new spray booth for screen printing$1,000 pays for materials and labor for a wheelchair accessible sink in our accessible bathroom$1,200 provides 1 year of transportation for an artist to/from The Arts of Life$5,000 covers the creation and presentation of 25 community exhibitions$10,000 funds 1 year of art supplies for 1 whole studio$20,000 funds 1 year of art supplies for BOTH studios