NS Spotlight Volunteer: Liz Bauer

This year, the Arts of Life partnered with Adler University in Downtown Chicago to take part in their Social Justice Practicum.“Adler University is dedicated to graduating practitioners who will lead social change and create a more just society, through degree programs, training, and community engagement focused on socially responsible practice.”1 The program is designed to place graduate students in their perspective field to gain practical experience of their studied theory. We are honored to host Elizabeth Bauer through her research.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, Liz combines her natural artistic abilities with her newly started Art Therapy program to promote the professional and personal development of the North Shore Artists. Liz presents her work with passion and brings a refreshing perspective to our community. We are thrilled to have Liz working with us this year and look forward to the projects and ideas she brings forward. Enjoy an interview with North Shore Artist, Russell Coppenharve, and Elizabeth Bauer. How did you hear about the arts of life?I am in school getting a masters degree in art therapy and part of our first year of school at Adler University is to do a Social Justice Practicum. We get to choose from different sites where we get to do that. This is the program I chose and fortunately, this is the one I got.  Did you know any artists before starting?I did not, I just met all of the artists here since starting and I’m really enjoying getting to know all of you better.  What do you like most about the arts of Life?I think what I like the most is getting to know all of you.You like it here?Yes, I really do. It’s been and still is a great experience to see how the Arts of Life operates and watching all of your artwork. I really enjoyed the gallery show that day.  Okay, next one what do you like most about being in the studio environment?I really enjoy being part of the community. I really enjoy seeing all of your creative processes and the paintings that come. When you guys finish a painting that’s really exciting. What kind of work are you looking to do when you are here?I enjoy supporting each of you in your creative process Are you an artist if so what kind of art do you do?Yes, I am an artist. Mostly I do pottery. My favorite thing to make are mugs but I do all kinds of other things that I throw on the wheel. I do that wheel.Do you make money on it? Do you sell it?I mostly have made it and given it away as gifts. I have not been that productive where I make enough to make a livingYou could sell it and make money.I could! You’re right. Just like you guys do. Do you have a favorite artist?There are a couple famous potters. One is named Beatrice Wood. (Check out her work) What do you do when you are not at the Arts of Life.I’m in school so I end up doing a lot of papers and reading. I live at home with my husband we have three dogs and two cats. I go on walks with my dogs. I have two kids who are off at college. When they come home during the holiday I look forward to that!You done? Okay we’re doneThanks RussellAdler University, chicago.adler.edu/about-us/.