Goose Island

Founded in 2010, Do312 is a website and social networking community built around all of the amazing events ?ÛÒ like live music, street festivals, and other cultural happenings ?ÛÒ going on in and around Chicago every day. When you sign up for Do312 åÊ?ÛÒ which is free and easy to do åÊ?ÛÒ you can discover, promote, and create event listings. You can also buy tickets online, get venue and event details, and share them your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
But wait, there?Ûªs more! Do312 also lets you customize the types of info, like specific artists or venues, you want to track. Plus, you?Ûªll get the inside line on hot ticket on sales, contests and other can?Ûªt miss Chicago happenings.