Half Acre Beer Company

Our story begins with boat loads of optimism, is rooted in the naive, and full of piss & vinegar.
Having been exposed to rich brewing environments where men made their living turning out beers with friends, the idea of creating that for ourselves in Chicago felt essential. åÊIn 2006 Half Acre sparked to life in a spare bedroom. åÊWith no brewery and no real means to build one, beers came to life with the crucial assistance of a contract brewer in Wisconsin. åÊHalf Acre Lager was the first beer to have a Half Acre label. åÊIt was brewed on a 20bbl JV Northwest brewhouse, came to life in 40bbl Fermenters, pushed into åÊ12oz long necks and dropped on a truck back to Chicago where a team of one angled to get it sold. åÊHumble and wayward beginnings.