L’Arche Chicago

L’ArcheåÊis French for The Ark?ÛÓthe place that Noah and his family created and entered under God?Ûªs direction. The Ark is a place of safety and refuge, a place in which we share our lives in mutual relationship and do our small part to renew the world.åÊL’ArcheåÊis an international federation of intentional communities in which people with and without intellectual disabilities live, work, play and pray together, creating home. Core members ?ÛÒ persons with disabilities ?ÛÒ make up the heart of our communities. Those who live and share life with them are called assistants.
Each L?ÛªArche community is unique and autonomous but internationally federated. We all share a common vision of the basic dignity of each human person and the centrality of mutual relationship between God and each person and between persons of all races, religions, cultures and abilities. We seek to create home and provide meaningful work for all our community members and to witness to a way of life where everyone is recognized as being of equal and infinite value.