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Art Persona: Building Celebratory Worlds
Adam and God Hands Between the Earth AKA the World XVII, 2019
Antonio Adams
marker on paper
8.5" x 11"

Adam and God Hands Between the Earth AKA the World XVII


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ANTONIO ADAMS (b. 1981, Cincinnati, OH) is a multi-disciplinary self-taught artist, and leader working in Cincinnati, OH. Adams has been drawing, painting, and creating since he was a little boy. He has created an epic portfolio of artworks in which famous celebrities (including Lindsay Lohan and David Hasselhoff) get “unrealized” (meaning returned to non-celebrity status), while unfamous folks (people Adams has selected from his everyday life) become major celebrities in his own personal cosmos. Now his work is collected internationally. He is one of the co-founders of Visionaries + Voices, an arts organization for artists with disabilities in Cincinnati, as well as Thunder-Sky, Inc., an outsider art gallery also operating in Cincinnati. His artworks have been exhibited at The Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati; The Museum of Everything, London; The Cincinnati Art Museum; The Pittsburgh Folk Art Exhibit and Symposium, Pittsburgh; The Outsider Art Fair, New York; Country Club Gallery, Cincinnati/Los Angeles; and In the Gallery, Nashville

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