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Birds shun Such trees
Anxiety Napkin (Loma Lada), 2018
Ross Simonini
Mixed media on cloth restaurant napkin
16" x 16"

Anxiety Napkin (Loma Lada)


Ross Simonini is an interdisciplinary artist working in writing, painting, music, and dialogue. He currently splits his time between Guerneville, CA and Los Angeles. He has shown his work at the Sharjah Biennial 13 (2017), Shoot the Lobster in Luxembourg (2014), Jack Hanley gallery in New York (2012), and Human Resources in Los Angeles (2013). His first novel, The Book of Formation was published in 2018 by Melville House Books. He currently hosts the podcast Subject, Object, Verb and regularly contributes to ArtReview, Mousse and The Believer. He has released music as a part of NewVillager, ROOS, and Trespassers William. He teaches cross-genre courses at Columbia University.


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