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Ariee facemask, 2020
Aria Carter
Watercolor, marker and glitter on paper
9'' x 7''

Ariee facemask


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*includes a sleek white frame

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Aria Carter
Aria Carter


Aria Carter has a singular vision for fashion and passion! Her artwork is rife with haute couture references interspersed with youthful, pop culture iconography. Her compositions construct narratives around this unexpected juxtaposition of high and low-brow cultural fixtures.

“My goal is to save money to have opening my own studio. I will start to collecting wearable art for fashion shows. I’m using a recycle and the “trashions”. I want to use a fashion that’s silk leaves, flower silks, hoop cage, woods, plastic pearls, plastic colors, tinsel garland, glitters.”

Carter works with complete focus and confidence. She skillfully balances compositions, exercising restraint to preserve and craft thoughtful negative space that accentuates her designs. An undeniable playfulness manifests in vivid colors and functionally counterbalances the seductiveness of her imagery.

“Enjoy watching of the fashion videos. I want to learn the Creative Director of Ariée and Fashion Chief Choreographer of Ariée Gabrielle Modeling Company. This why I transform from Paris, New York, Milan and London. I want to teach them about how to walk the runway. I show them how I use a pyramid—top, middle and bottom.”

Carter’s artwork has appeared in public installations in Chicago and she the North Shore studio’s Artist of the Month in September 2019. She also represented Arts of Life on camera in an interview with WTTW in 2020.

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