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Death Metal
by Bill Lilly

Death Metal


Death Metal, 2018
Marker on paper
17″ x 14″

Lilly possesses an extensive knowledge of heavy metal and rock and roll music and enjoys listing entire catalogues to those who share his enthusiasm. Imagery of all things musical and hyper-masculine is common in his work. Recently, he has started integrating text in pieces including this multicolored rumination on one of his favorite genres. Lilly has worked at the Chicago studio since 2010 and is a singer in the Arts of Life Band.

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Marker on paper
17" x 14"

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Bill Lilly
Bill Lilly

b. 1972

A self-proclaimed “metal-head,” Lilly’s work is very much inspired by the music he listens to.

“I’m a metalhead and that’s what my art is about. I draw tornadoes, lightning, skulls… anything rock and roll!”

Skulls, flames, tornadoes, cyborgs and a multitude of other subjects of impending doom are common symbols in Lilly’s work. Most fascinating is his ability to combine all of these influences together, into a single, cohesive work.

“I love to make art. It keeps me occupied. I want my art on t-shirts, hoodies, posters and album covers. People say my artwork is cool.”

Like heavy metal, Lilly’s art is a force of technical dexterity, distortion, aggression, masculinity, and pure, raw, unapologetic loudness. In July of 2017, Lilly was recognized as the studio’s “Artist of the Month.”

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