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Great Book of Chilis (PRINTED COPY),


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Take home a taste of one of our most beloved events – our annual Chili Cook Off!

An homage to the power of community and cooking together, there’s something for everyone in this small but mighty cookbook. Our first edition Great Book of Chilis features a plethora of chili pepper based dishes. Enjoy recipes from former winners and judges of our annual Chili Cook-off, as well as friends of Arts of Life.

Feeling eco-conscious? Purchase a digital copy instead!

Featuring recipes by: Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s, Kathryn Thanas of Lou Mitchell’s, Max Robbins of Longman and Eagle, Maggie Hennessy of Chicago Magazine, Chris Reed of Bumbu Roux, Elizabeth Floersheimer of Cucu Cucina, and many, many, more.