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Kathleen Dancing Next to Becky at a Dance Hall, 2018
Rebecca Kubica
marker and pencil on paper
16" x 20"

Kathleen Dancing Next to Becky at a Dance Hall


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Rebecca Kubica
Rebecca Kubica


Rebecca (Becky) Kubica’s artwork is a reckoning with personal life and fantasy. A natural storyteller, she creates artistic narratives of herself alongside friends, family and fictional characters from the silver screen. Postures and expressions are carefully constructed and emphasized to support her narratives.

“I enjoy making art because it’s fun drawing. You make pictures any kind of marker you want. Green, blue maybe red. Write on the page of paper. I’ve been doing artwork since I was a kid once. I do artwork at home too. It’s relaxing to make art. It usually takes me a while. It’s huge and takes time to work on.”

Kubica has a methodical sketching practice in which she works out all of the details in advance of her final piece to construct her ideal composition. Fields of tightly fitted, angled shapes fit together to form a quilt-like background of highly saturated pigments.

“I’d like to make more pictures. I like doing pictures of people. I want people to look at everything and see what I did.”

Becky’s artwork has been exhibited at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art as well as agency promotional materials and our 2020 calendar.


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