Poems from the Arts of Life

Poems from the Arts of Life


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Poems from the Arts of Life features 19 original poems accompanied by original artworks written and made by Arts of Life artists. 

Forward and Editing by: Cindy Shanker, longtime friend and Arts of Life Volunteer.


Featured Artist(s): Omar Abulsheikh, Marcelo Añón, Chris Austin, Ted Gram-Boarini, Guy Conners, Russell Copenharve, Cole Fox, Amanda Gantner, Laura Greenberg, Nikki Heusman, Hector Jones, Aaron Kleeblatt, Alysha Kostelny, David Krueger, Rebecca Kubica, Bill Lilly, Susie M., Carol Pyes, Ed Rawski, Brian Reed, Cindy Shanker, Andrew Sloan, Kelly Stone, Dave Thompson, Maria Vanik, Chris Viau, Quinn Zenner



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