The Art of Poems

The Art of Poems

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The North Shore studio’s poetry group second poetry book The Art of Poems. Rich in language and artwork, the book features 15 poems accompanied by original works made by studio artists. The first edition of this 34 page, full color, bound book is limited to 50 copies.

 “You know why you want to buy it? It’s because we did a good job with it! It talks about stories about our art. We talk about all different things.” -Russell Copenharve

Contributing artists: Aria Carter, Russell Copenharve, Cole Fox, Danny Frownfelter, Amanda Gantner, Phil Gazzolo, Ted Gram-Boarini, Ted Hamel, Laura Greenberg, Nikole Heusman, Aaron Kleeblatt, Rebecca Kubica, Susie M., Carol Pyes, Ed Rawski, Brian Reed, Cindy Shanker, Chris Viau, Quinn Zenner

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