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Purple Ring Blue
by Veronica Cuculich

Purple Ring Blue


Purple Ring Blue, 2007
12″ x 16″
Marker, pastel, magazine on canvas

Cuculich developed a playful practice employing imagery including that of “baby dolls,” pop culture figures, and glamorous icons of youth such as the woman pictured here. Her work often featured a figure floating on a color field. Cuculich loved music, and the influence of psychedelic 70s rock album art is clear here. Cuculich was the founding artist at Arts of Life, and she worked at the Chicago studio artist from 2000 until her passing in 2010.

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Marker, pastel, magazine on canvas
12" x 16"

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Veronica Cuculich
Veronica Cuculich

Veronica “Ronnie” Cuculich was born April 4, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in Dixon, Illinois with two sisters, her mother, and father.  As a young woman, Ronnie attended Dixon State School. After living in state-operated institutions for many years, Ronnie finally got to live in the community with her friends.  She worked in a sheltered workshop, but art-making was her true calling. Ronnie had been drawing and making crafts her whole life. She was the inspiration behind the Arts of Life studio and helped open it in January of 2000. While Ronnie was an untrained artist, she worked with various media and was always drawn to experimentation, creating mixed media works, drawings, and paintings in both oil and acrylic. In Ronnie’s words, “The studio is perfect because I get to paint!” After practicing as an artist for 10 years, and working to open two studios, Ronnie passed away in 2010.

Watch the 45 min documentary about Veronica and the founding of Arts of Life on our youtube page.

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