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Cozy Warm
Woman Wearing Jewlery, 2020
Kelly Stone
Marker on paper
11" x 14"

Woman Wearing Jewlery


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*includes a sleek white frame

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Kelly Stone
Kelly Stone

Born in Ontario, Canada, Kelly spent a part of his childhood on a farm in Tennessee before settling into Chicago. Still a man of nature, Kelly enjoys writing songs and creating drawings embodying his love of plants and animals. Kelly has been a professional artist for fifteen years at The Arts of Life and a singer in The Arts of Life Band since 2008. He enjoys watching TV, going shopping with his friends, and participating in Special Olympics at Loyola Park.

“Hardworking man. I like to paint circles, squares, rectangles, blue, green, purple, yellow, people, trees, planes. I like to do it on paper. I just do. Paint the whole thing. It makes me feel good. I like painting, I want them to remember my paintings. I like coming to the studio. I just do. It makes me happy.”

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