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Artist Location: North Shore Studio

Omar Abulsheikh

b.1996 Omar Abulsheikh’s works develop slowly as he carefully layers paint to achieve his desired effect. As a result, his paintings are identifiable by saturated pigments, heavy linework on a textured surface. “I like to draw. I like myself. Happy going.” Abulsheikh’s most recent works feature nebulous, spray-painted backgrounds that are reminiscent of star fields. …

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Marice Aiston

b.1992 Since joining the studio, Marice has begun to form a distinctive body of work heavily driven by narrative and the everyday. Drawn to both reading and writing, she has a natural instinct for storytelling. “The Art of the Plant. I created this as an honor how really, really well the plants are being taken …

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Andy Albrecht

Art inspires me to do nice work and that makes me happy. I like to make art because I think it’s interesting and it’s cool. When I’m at Arts of Life, I like to use paint, oil pastels, crayons and colored pencils. It’s interesting and fun to draw nature, animals, people and buildings. First, I …

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Marcelo Añón

b.1993 Marcelo Añón is recognized for his graphic depictions of urban architecture that showcase worlds of steel, brick, and glass. Often, the graphic nature of his drawings are contrasted with statements of a hopeful future for humanity and earth. He continually pushes his practice forward through experimentation and personal expansion that has resulted in expressive …

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Emily Aussem

It’s fun to make art. It makes me feel happy that I know I’ll do good. I like that anyone can buy my artwork. I feel great when I finish a piece because I accomplished something. I like getting paid and saving my money. I work with acrylic paint. It dries fast so you don’t …

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Chris Austin

b.1967 Chris Austin studied mechanics at Ferris State University; a background that is evident in the meticulous art making process. Thoughtfully composed works emerge from methodical planning that manifests through research, sketching, and assembling source materials. Austin alternates between painting on canvas and hand-cut cardboard. This imbues his artwork with a fresh viewpoint and authenticity. …

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Pouya Bagherian

I like to make art because I’m cool at it. Like a rainbow. Like maps. I like to color a picture of “Our Place” with a door. Pictures of Yalda and my aunt. I’m good at making cool stuff. I use oil pastels, markers, crayons, colored pencils. To make it look nice and fresh, I …

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Laura Bell

I like drawing; I like to paint. I like to paint on an easel with acrylic paint and watercolor on boards. I feel happy when I am doing my painting. I like to do designs and stuff, making the shapes on the board, like circles and ovals. I like to put my paintings into art …

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Renata Berdes

b.1994 The persistence and laser focus Renata Berdes possesses in pursuit of her artistic outcomes is indomitable. She continually pursues her themes, or “obsessions” as she calls them, with voracity and intention. “I really like the art because you can see everything through art.” Her sculptural works viewed collectively suggest the assemblage of a new …

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Billy Borgerd

b.1986 Billy Borgerd’s artwork is inspired by his love of wrestling, movies and action heroes. His paintings express the depth and intensity of these themes through dark under-painting tempered by vibrantly hued details. “I like painting. I paint polar Express. I like the move. It’s a good movie for me to watch at night.” Borgerd’s …

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