For 20 years, Arts of Life has put inclusivity and creativity first in the support of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. In the winter of 1999, our co-founders, Ronnie Cuculich and Denise Fisher, were on the precipice of opening our first studio. Their donor network at that point was small, but they made all the difference in helping the original nine Arts of Life artists get their start. 

Together Ronnie and Denise would create a work environment that was – and still unfortunately is – very rare for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Our founding principles of equality and equity continue to guide our work on a daily basis.

Collectively we strengthen Arts of Life. Now, we ask for you to empower our community further by making a donation today, enabling our artists to develop their creative practices, compose and perform music, advocate for professional development programming and exhibitions, and grow as leaders.

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary, but we have only just begun. Your support now is critical for building on our two-decade strong foundation and propelling us into the next chapter of opportunity for our artists. 

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