Make a Difference

For 20 years, our community has been guided by our founding principles, putting equity, inclusivity and creativity first. Every dollar you contribute confirms that our artists will neither be cast aside nor forgotten in this pandemic.

Individual donors like you provide more than 25% of our operating budget. Your tax-deductible donation will help to:

  • Provide experienced staff support, art supplies, and professional development opportunities to each of our 60 artists.
  • Support the reopening of our studios safely through the creation of small cohorts that can work together at a safe distance
  • Continue to provide virtual programming to our artists who are not yet able to join us in person. 

With your help we can surmount this challenging time and look forward to a vibrant and equitable future!


  • Reduced State Funding – $70,000: The State typically makes up 50% of our budget through billable hours, but they have put us in an impossible position. We currently receive a paltry $5.46 / hour for vital virtual programming, yet our capacity for in-person programming is limited to no more than 25 artists per studio. At the same time, residential providers can bill in our stead, potentially exhausting our funds for the entire fiscal year.
  • Special Event Cancellations – $100,000: Without the ability to host our large-scale community fundraisers like the Chili Cook-off, Unbridled Art, Art Auction Benefit, and Summer Bash, we expect to lose $100,000 in contributed revenue this fiscal year.
  • Exhibition Cancellations – $30,000: With the cancellation of all Circle Contemporary Gallery exhibitions, we lose our primary pathway to art sales. This not only impacts our studios. 60% of art sales go to our artists, so this loss directly impacts their livelihoods as well.

Photo Credit: Karissa Barney