Make a Difference

In our 21 years, Arts of Life has faced many hurdles, but none so disruptive and challenging as this past year. I am so proud of how we have all shown up for each other. We have each lifted one another up – providing encouragement, support, fresh perspective, a sounding board, and essential financial support – to keep our community connected no matter what. Our guiding principles were put to the test, but ultimately proved to be sound. We are stronger and more resilient together. Together, our artists, staff, and supporters have kept our studios up and running through 15 months of pandemic. Thank you for being here with us.  

We invite you now to look ahead with us. We anticipate the return of many artists this summer while also welcoming new artists who are eager to grow their creative practices in community with fellow artists. We also plan to build on our virtual programming to reach more artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities, provide more networking opportunities with curators and artists, and further increase our artists’ visibility to collectors near and far. 

Denise Fisher
Co-Founder, Executive Director
Rachel Hite
Board President