Amanda Gantner

North Shore




Mountains in Alaska


America the Great


Studio Member since 2012


Amanda Gantner possesses a tenacious dedication to expanding her art practice. Experimentation and risk taking in her artwork has paid off in dividends as witnessed by the broad level of success she has attained across mediums.

“The Mind. It takes time. When I first came here my voice was down. Now it is better. A lot better because the voice is loud.”

The subtle nuances of light and meticulous blending inhabit her impressionistic drawings, while her lively abstract paintings burst with energy through vibrantly contrasting hues.

“Get messy. More splatter. I don’t care. I want to do that. It wakes you up.”

Gantner is a nationally exhibited artist whose artwork has been included on branding for Middlebrow Brewery, corporate and private collections and agency merchandise. She was also selected as the North Shore studio’s 2019 artist of the year!

Check out Amanda’s 2018 Artist of the Month interview here.




EXPO Chicago 2023
Navy Pier Chicago, IL 2023
Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear
Circle Contemporary North Shore, Glenview, IL 2023
Off White Perceptions of Color
Circle Contemporary Chicago, Chicago, IL 2023
Duck Feet
Circle Contemporary Chicago, Chicago, IL 2021
Three City Social
Los Angeles, Glenview, Portland 2019
The Beasts
Circle Contemporary Chicago, Chicago, IL 2019
U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky's Office
Glenview, IL 2018

Portfolio work

Goodnight, 2022

Mountains in Alaska, 2023

America the Great, 2023

Garden, 2022

In Love, 2022

The Great Hawaii,

  • Sold

Beautiful Summer, 2022

One Eyed Man, 2021

Sunset, 2021

Springtime, 2020

Chicago, 2021

  • Sold

Beautiful Night Light, 2018

  • Sold

California at Night, 2019

Sunset, 2021

Out of Space, 2020

Ireland, My Country, 2019

Surf at Sunset, 2018

Late Fall, 2019

Sunrise Surprised, 2016

Agua, 2017

  • Sold

Night Time, 2018

The Wind The Sky, 2020

The 60’s, 2019

  • Sold

Hawaii, 2018

The Wind, 2019

Walrus, 2017

  • Sold

The Universe, 2018

The Earth The Stars, 2019

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