Chris Austin

North Shore

CPA _FriendsFromEdisto,SC_2020_acrylic_20x16

Friends From Edisto, SC


A Book or Newspaper


Summer 2021


Studio Member since 2017


Chris Austin studied mechanics at Ferris State University; a background that is evident in the meticulous art making process. Thoughtfully composed works emerge from methodical planning that manifests through research, sketching, and assembling source materials.

Austin alternates between painting on canvas and hand-cut cardboard. This imbues his artwork with a fresh viewpoint and authenticity. Austin’s mechanical interest is further evidenced in 2-dimensional works in which he uses subject matter to break the linear border of the substrate.

Austin’s painting practice is grounded in realism with a nod to folk art. He layers elements within his paintings while intentionally overlooking volume and shadow. His primary focus is on “the composition [and] the colors”. This simplicity encourages narratives to emerge that are left open for personal interpretation and musing.

“Art is expressing yourself. I know how to make good art.”



Outsider Art Fair
Metropolitan Pavillion, New York City, NY 2022
If A Mountain Could Love
Circle Contemporary Chicago, Chicago, IL 2022
Birds Shun Such Trees
Circle Contemporary Chicago, Chicago , IL 2020
Like Sirens
Circle Contemporary, Glenview, IL 2019
D6 Design + Art #12
Dock 6 Collective, Chicago, IL 2019
North Shore Awards Show
Circle Contemporary North Shore, Glenview, IL 2018

Portfolio work

A Raccoon from Edisto SC, 2022

  • Sold

Summer 2021, 2021

$4.60 Lunch or Quick Dinner-A Small Dessert, 2021

Good Time Party In San Fransisco, CA, 2021

A Good Female 50 Years Wilmette On The Lake Michigan Shore, 2021

A Female Visitor, A Honker, 2021

Long Hair, Although She Fell Asleep and Got her Back Summer Cooked-Burned, 2020

Peace the Moon and Good Stars Around, 2020

Sweet Black Sisters, 2020

Holy Church, 2020

Flowers on a Desk Beside the Window, 2020

Chicago Hot Dogs, 2020

  • Sold

An Old Swamp House, 2020

A Good Tan Female Reading A Good Book, 2020

  • Sold

Afternoon Lunch-Beach Edisto From Ocean, 2020

  • Sold

A Friend FromEdisto, SC, 2020

A Dancing Female, 2020

A Book or Newspaper, 2020

  • acrylic and magazine on cardboard
  • 17" x 16"
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  • Sold

Woman of Color, 2020

Friends From Edisto, SC, 2020

Untitled, 2020

The Elephant, 2020

Mumble Band, 2020

Miss Banana India, 2020

Hand Toolbox Snap On, 2020

  • Sold

A Lunch At The Beach When It’s Raining Out, 2020

Miss Cloworth, 2019

Man is the Moon, 2019

  • Sold

The Nurse, 2019

Tri-Skiing, 2018

Picture Within A Painting, 2018