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Susan Pasowicz

Chicago Studio


Sumpin’ Major

SLP_The Glow Town_2018_11x17

The Glow Town

SLP_Something in the Air_2017

Something in the Air


Studio Member since 2013

Born in Chicago in 1955, Sue is a dreamer and visionary. Fascinated by color, shapes, and organic forms Pasowicz uses colored pencil to create whimsical compositions that reflect her dream-like state.  Looking at the everyday, her work incorporates hints of her surroundings which become tangled in the web of forms created by wispy, worm-like marks that build up on the works’ surface. Often incorporating windows, doors, or portals, Pasowicz transports the viewer to a new environment.

“I usually draw houses, people, curly top trees, clouds, the future. I like watercolors, portals, and rainbows. As things come into my head, then I draw it on a piece of paper. I go to art talks to learn about other pictures if it is good or bad. I like seeing exhibitions so I can learn from other peoples’ artwork. I like when there are a lot of people at openings and they are interested in buying the paintings. I like to socialize with more people. I like painting. I like that it is colorful, more joyful like. I don’t copy off other things, I always draw out of my head, even as a kid.”



Slow Read
Circle Contemporary, Chicago IL 2019
All Well and Good
Circle Contemporary, Chicago IL 2019
In Good Company
Chicago Cultural Center 2019
Local Comfort
LVL3, Chicago IL 2018
Mysterious Feelings
Circle Contemporary, Chicago IL 2018
Et Tu, Art Brut
Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York NY 2017
A is for Artist
Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago IL 2017
Something Else
Circle Contemporary, Chicago IL 2017

Portfolio work

Sumpin’ Major, 2019

The Glow Town, 2018

Something in the Air, 2017

  • Sold

Maybe Bring Some Happiness Into the Future, 2017

The Rubix Cube Becomes a Thing Becoming Something, 2020

  • colored pencil and graphite on paper
  • 17" x 14"
  • See Details

The Doorway Leads to the Future, 2019

The Future Door, 2019

The Magic Mirror, 2018

Dreamer Inside the Square, 2018

  • colored pencil and graphite on paper
  • 12" x 12"
  • See Details

Something Super, 2019

  • colored pencil and graphite on paper
  • 17" x 14"
  • See Details
  • Sold

Professional, 2019

A Magic Window, 2017

  • Sold

Flip Side City, 2017

  • Sold

Springtime Good Times, 2017

Something Famous, 2018

  • Sold

Original Work, 2015

  • Sold

Mellow, 2017

  • colored pencil and graphite on paper
  • 11" x 8.5"
  • See Details

Colorful Tunnel, 2018

Cotton Candy, 2018

  • Sold

Silver and Gold, 2018

  • colored pencil and graphite on paper
  • 12" x 9"
  • See Details

Something and a Place, 2018

Classical Future, 2019

Jitter Bug, 2019

Magic Frame, 2019

Brighter Sun, 2019