North Shore Studio


Born in 1974, Aaron Kleeblatt joined the Arts of Life in 2016. Since joining the studio, Kleeblatt has built a growing portfolio that is both sharp and provocative.

Kleeblatt’s work can be identified by his minimalist approach to portraits- many being of American politicians or celebrities.

“Musicians and politicians, those are my favorite kind of people to draw. I just like them. They are my favorite personalities—vibrant personalities. Drawing the figures. Painting them.”

Kleeblatt’s style is simple, using basic shapes to suggest forms and figures, yet his use of layered mediums provides a sense of depth and life within each piece. His work can be viewed as a social commentary, supported by clever wordplay that provokes the audience to question themselves and the surrounding societal norms.

“[My art] makes you question what is Aaron thinking about? It makes you question politics. It is controversial. I want people to stand up and think.”

Selected Exhibits

U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsy's Office

Glenview, IL - 2018

Evanston Art Center Winter Expo

Evanston, IL - 2018

7th Annual Square Foot Show

Circle Contemporary North Shore, Glenview, IL - 2018