North Shore Studio


My favorite thing about being an artist is getting to be creative. And earning a considerable amount of money for working as an artist.

I make people like celebrities and criminals. I’m doing something I’ve never done before – a comic. It’s fun and challenging. Creating the storyline is the most fun. It’s hard thinking of an ending. The comic is about two people who are struggling, like really wrestling with life. Some of the challenges that they face are prison and unexpected pregnancy.

I use a reference to start a new piece. Usually I find pictures on the iPad and then print them out. I try to draw it out as a sketch. Then I copy it onto paper. I make up titles out of my head. My art just happens, it’s kind of like spontaneous combustion. It explodes out of my being. I started doing art at home, making my characters.

I participate in drama, demos, and art talk. I do what everyone else is doing. Also, I’m exceptionally good at giving tours.

I have another job as an Admin Assistant, but I haven’t done it for a while. I do stuff like data entry, answering the phone, and making copies. When I’m at home, I watch TV (like, all the time). My favorite shows are Judge Judy and Steve Wilcos. I also like a lot of criminal justice shows, such as Blue Bloods. One of the things Judge Judy does is eat people, she makes them look stupid in front of 10,000 people.

I want to be married in 5 years. I know where I will not be: in prison (hopefully). One thing I would like to do is earn a considerable amount of money, like thousands each week. I don’t know how I would do that. I also think I might want to do some traveling to California. If I could live in California I would, because it’s California! It’s where all the celebrities live. And it’s just a cool place.