Chicago Studio

Art helps me to get my feelings and expression out.  It inspires me and I like doing it. We’ve got pretty stuff in the world. I like to draw portraits of famous people – Queen, Freddie Mercury, and movie stars. Also I draw family and friends. I look up on the computer what I want to draw. Then I use markers, crayons, paint, and pencils to copy the picture. My strokes are different. I make the legs different. Different colors and shapes pop out. I see all the colors of the world in my artwork. My grandparents made art. I have an uncle in California that does pictures of figures, himself, and different flowers. I’m also inspired by Steve because he’s funny, and I like his artwork because of all the flowers. Frances inspires me because of her nice poems.  I’m learning how to screen print and I’m doing good. I help Caitlin keep the print station organized and I teach my friends what to do. In the future I want to have my own workshop making pottery, use real flowers and do stained glass, hire people with disabilities, and be my own boss.