Chicago Studio


I’m Mike. I’ve been at Arts Of Life for a few years now. I love to draw. Art is fun and it makes me happy. It helps me feel calm. I like to draw comics that have a story behind them about the people that I know. My comics are about Liz, and Kelli Becker, and Emily and Caitlin. I sometimes look on the computer to come up with ideas then I put my ideas on paper with Sharpies. I like Sharpies because it’s a comic technique and it brings out my material. My art is different than others because I tell a story. When I see my artwork, I see that I did a good job. Kelli Becker inspires me because her artwork is 3D and it stands out.  I like to watch wrestling, eat at restaurants, and act in plays. I like to do lots of different things and share my life in my art. I’m kind and I live in Oak Park. In the future I’d love to move to Hollywood and do set design.