North Shore Studio


Born in 1995, Raina Carter has been a member of the Arts of Life since 2016. With a clear artistic voice, Carter develops narrative themes in her works that revolve around female-centric pop music and Japanese culture. The influence of animae is evidenced in the interplay of geometry, fantasy and character-driven artwork.

“Music. Hearts. Flower. Japanese Girls. No face. Means that it’s a long time ago.”

Carter has a strong sketchbook practice that reveals the high degree to which she plans her works and explores concepts through sketching. She works with drive and focus, but this intensity is offset with vibrant colors bursting from the light-hearted paintings zealously creates.

“Sell more. I would be famous Kawaii style artist. Peaceful. Learn. The moon, the stars, the clouds and Japan. It’s amazing. Bright.”

Carter’s was the North Shore artist of the month in October 2018, and her artwork was featured on the 2019 Arts of Life calendar.

Selected Exhibits

D6 Design + Art #12

Chicago, IL - 2019

Inside the Box

Circle Contemporary North Shore, Glenview, IL - 2019

Winter Expo

Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL - 2017