Chicago Studio


Robert (Bobby) Verran has been a full time artist at the studio since 2002. Since joining the studio he has built a body of work that focuses on color and texture. His work is about process. The application of paint with a brush, covering something with a color then covering it again, slowly building up a surface, adding more and more each day.

“Stuff, stuff. The red paint with the big brush. Use a paint brush. Paint and stuff. Only stuff. I know how to do it. It makes me feel good, yes. Put them on the wall there. Sell it. They sell it. The red paint is what I do with a big brush. Pictures, pictures. Good stuff. Red stuff, orange stuff. Different colors. Oh, different ones.”

Verran uses various techniques to break up the surface – sometimes adding paper, cloth, or other materials; sometimes removing the additions to show what was hidden underneath. His paintings become organic objects, a record of his process.

“I just paint it good. Good stuff does that I get that from the brush. I like to paint stuff and walk around, too. Pictures, oh! Make ’em good. Yes, orange paint. Yes, it’s good stuff. Good Stuff. It’s the paint stuff. Remember the good stuff. ”

Most recently Bobby has had his work featured at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art and the corporate offices at Groupon, Inc. 

Selected Exhibits

A is for Artist

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago IL - 2017