Chicago Studio


Bobby was an artist at Arts of Life for 16 years, receiving numerous awards for his commitment to his creative practice and the Arts of Life community. Bobby passed peacefully on Tuesday, January 29th 2019 at Rainbow Hospice of congestive heart failure. Throughout his career, Bobby has been featured in over 45 exhibitions, most notably A is for Artist at The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, and his work can be seen in the permanent collection at Waisman Center at UW-M. 

“Stuff, stuff. The red paint with the big brush. Use a paint brush. Paint and stuff. Only stuff. I know how to do it. It makes me feel good, yes. Put them on the wall there. Sell it. They sell it. The red paint is what I do with a big brush. Pictures, pictures. Good stuff. Red stuff, orange stuff. Different colors. Oh, different ones.”

Verran uses various techniques to break up the surface – sometimes adding paper, cloth, or other materials; sometimes removing the additions to show what was hidden underneath. His paintings become organic objects, a record of his process.

“I just paint it good. Good stuff does that I get that from the brush. I like to paint stuff and walk around, too. Pictures, oh! Make ’em good. Yes, orange paint. Yes, it’s good stuff. Good Stuff. It’s the paint stuff. Remember the good stuff. “

Selected Exhibits

A is for Artist

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago IL - 2017