Chicago Studio


I like to make art because it makes me feel great and helps me feel better when I’m down. My work is abstract, and therefore people see different things in it. Some say they see a tropical forest, others see grass in a prairie. People always ask me, “What do you see in it?” I say, “I’m not here to tell. It’s up to you.” Each person can make a guess, there’s no wrong answer.

I feel very happy and excited when I look at my artwork. I see my gifts and that I work very hard. Even though I learn slower, it helps me to be more considerate towards other people. It helps me lose my perceptive disability. Before I was an artist, I couldn’t see straight lines, I would always cut the grass crooked. People said I would never be able to drive, but now I have a license and I’m a careful driver. When people say people who have disabilities can’t do anything they are very wrong. I feel that if I set a good example, then perhaps more people in the world will be considerate and accepting.

My dream is to be well known throughout Chicago and the world for my art. I aspire to be interviewed about my artwork on a TV newscast, so people can see my art and I can tell the world about Arts of Life and all the other artists. I am inspired by the support of my family, my close friends, and the Arts of Life. I am so glad that there is a place like Arts of Life – there should be more of them.