Chicago Studio


Walter is no longer at Arts of Life

I’m Walter. I’m a nice guy and I’m a good friend to have. I come here with my two roommates and we help each other out. I’m learning how to make new friends and get to know new people. Everybody wants to be my friend, so maybe I’ll give them a shot. Volunteers like to sit next to me while I work. We joke around, and they help me with my art. Sometimes two volunteers will line up to see who gets to work with me. I’m a helpful guy and I’m always willing to lend a hand. I make sure everything is clean, and I’ll tell people, “Hold up!” if I notice they’re about to make a mistake. I like to take care of other people, and it’s important to me that other people are doing okay and feeling happy. I say, “Hey doggy!” to the dogs at the studio. The dogs all seem to like me too. The thing that makes me the happiest is when my sister Cindy comes to visit the studio. Then I get to show her around and show her my paintings. I get to introduce her to all the people at my new job. I’m learning to make art. So far I’ve tried paint pens and colored pencils, but watercolor is what I like the best. I have a secret dancing talent but I’ll make you work hard if you want to see it. You’ll have to ask me more than once, but I really love dancing with my friends.