Looking Forward to the Summer!

With the weather getting warmer and sun finally starting to have a more constant presence in our everyday lives, The Arts of Life is coming to life as well. The artists are finding inspiration and everyone has an extra pep in their step. With all this excitement, it all culminates to the much anticipated Summer Carnival. While we are excited to show people all of the great prizes that they can have in our silent auction, the thing we most look forward to is having fun.
Whether it’s the dunk tank or pie throwing, the Carnival is all about letting loose and welcoming the summer in style. We love to see all the people come out and support us and our organization and interacting with our artists. The staff gets to let loose and enjoy their time as well, which is always a plus. Painted faces and smiles take over and it’s what we love to see.
We get to see our favorite performers come back! The Ice Cream team is making a repeat appearance this year with its great entertainment. Who doesn’t love clowns and magic? The Van go gos are this year’s entertainment and we can’t wait to hear their new stuff!  We’re anxiously waiting for June and the chance to let loose and we would love for you to join us! 

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