A special guest for Art Talk

April 12, 2019 By lexi-krebs

This month the North Shore studio got a visit from Tatijana Jacenkiw, a local pastel artists, for Art Talk.  Armed with her well organized pastel kit, Tatijana gave a short art talk followed by a portrait demo. In her art talk, she gave a brief overview of pastels as a medium, including basic pastel techniques and layering color.

Studio Artist Marcelo Anon, volunteered to sit for a 40 minute portrait demo as the rest of the group observed Tatijanas technique and asked questions. When asked, Marcelo said “I liked sitting for my portrait. I like the final drawing.”

Most of the conversation was focused on color. Patel artist, Chris Viau, was very interested in why she choose those colors in particular. As Tatijana explained, she was experimenting with the colors that she thought would compliment each other. She started with a rusty color and filled her paper with the red/brown color and then layered in more vibrant oranges. Tatijana layered purples and greens to the other skin tones to create shadows and highlights within Marcelo’s face.

Ed Rawski said about that ” I loved watching her. She used her hands. With the chalk pastels. The portrait for Marcelo was beautiful. I loved the colors. She added the color, it was very nice. She should come back!”


In a statement on her website, Tatijana said “I work almost exclusively in pastels. The abundance of available colors mesmerize me and their refractive quality intrigues me. I am constantly amazed and fascinated by the way one can mix colors through layering, strokes and cross hatching resulting in an iridescence, depth and complexity of color that is always different.”

Art Talk with Tatijana