Blogging with Guy – Monday, February 23, 2015

February 24, 2015 By vincent-uribe

I woke up at 7:08 a.m.  Today was Eastern Orthodox Lent.  I weighed one hundred seventy-five pounds in the bathroom.  Downstairs, I heated oatmeal.  I made orange juice.  I washed the knives and the cutting board.  The Dodge Grand Caravan number three eight seven two came at eight forty.  On the wheelchair van, I texted Mom(Sandra Lynn Yasutake Conners) at nine fifteen.  I arrived at The Arts of Life, Inc. to see everybody at nine forty-eight and went to the café. In the late morning, I drew a still life with a gray house in the studio.  I went to Catie and Sara and Emily’s office.  Candi Marie Inc talked to me in the wellness room.  In the late morning/early afternoon, I drew a still life with a house by myself.  Emmy Marie Sarra and Lauren Celine Sparrow talked to me.  In the afternoon and afterwards, I watched a slideshow on my silver and white cell phone.  I texted Thuan Thi Thanh Ngugen and Cara Zeller.  I emailed Dad (Richard Russell Conners, Junior) in the art studio.  I went back to the café at twelve twenty-four p.m.  Noel Christine Morical, Pablo Alonzo, Steve Harhaj, Kristopher K. Schenkel, Kelly Stone, Michael John Marino, and Christina Maire Faye Zion talked to us.  I watched XOXO…Gossip Girl on the Google Chrome by myself.  I went back to the café again.  I drew a still life with a black cone.  Emmy Sarra took my picture.  I went back to Catie’s office at one twenty-two.  Emmy took my picture.  I worked on Facebook.  I drew a still life.  Lauren Sparrow talked to us.  I washed the paintbrushes by myself in the restroom.  I went back to the café some more.  Noel Morical talked to me. On the Pace ADA Paratransit Service number three seven eight one, I texted Mom (Sandra Conners) and Dad (Rick Conners, Junior).  The female driver talked to us.  In the midafternoon, I arrived back home.  I washed the small cutting board, the knives again, and the cutting board again.  In the late afternoon, I emailed Lauren my picture of Glenn Quagmire in the basement.  Upstairs, I read the Chicago Tribune on my white iPad. In the late afternoon/early evening, Mom and I drove to CVS/Pharmacy in our classic silver metallic Toyota Pruis and went to Beverly Yoga Center to meet everyone.  We did yoga.  Mom and I drove back home in our hybrid hatchback.  I emailed Catie Norcott my picture of Quagmire.  I texted Albert John Korzec in the living room.  We talked on Face Time with Aiyla Miyuki Zeller, Cara Miwa Zeller, Anthony Philip Zeller, and Charles in the family room.  I watched the Milwaukee Bucks versus Chicago Bulls game on Comcast SportsNet HD by myself in Mom and Dad’s room.  The Bulls won eighty-seven to seventy-one.  I texted Paul Kenneth Rohde, Catherine N. Norcott, Lauren, Sara Jennifer Bemer, Caitlin Marie Law, David Robert Tedder Henderson, Ann Martha Zeller, Aunt Deborah Magee Yasutake, Thuan Nguyen, Sarah Koga Cooper, and Janette Sakamoto Koga.  In the late night evening, I read a newspaper on my iPad.  In the late-night, I went to sleep in my room.