Blogging with Guy – Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 17, 2015 By vincent-uribe

I woke up late.  I weighed one hundred sixty-nine point five pounds in the bathroom.  Downstairs, I made brunch.  In the late morning, I watched videos of Aiyla Zeller in the room in the Zelller’s condo in Oakland, California in the living room.  I read the Chicago Tribune.  In the late morning/early afternoon in our magnetic gray metallic Toyota Prius C during the ride, I texted Lauren Sparrow and Sara Bemer.  In the afternoon, I took a nap by myself.  Upstairs, I went with Mom (Sandra Lynn Yasutake Conners) and Dad (Richard Russell Conners, Junior) to Center Dance Chicago to meet everyone.  We danced in the studio.  I texted Lauren Celine Sparrow, Catherine N. Norcott, Sara Jennifer Bemer, and him.  Dad (Rick Conners, Junior) and I went to Union Handmade and Metropolis Coffee Company.  I ordered a salted caramel brownie and hot chocolate.  I took a picture, then texted Mom (Sandra Conners).  Dad and I met her.  In hybrid hatchback, I solved medium kakuros in the book by myself.  He parked our Toyota Prius C by the Chicago Building Department.  Dad watched a video of Aiyla at 4—Crescent Street with Mom and me.  In the late afternoon, Mom, he, and I went to the concert at City Winery Chicago LLC.  I ordered some food and Sprite with ice cube.  I took some pictures again.  I watched the concert with everyone.  We danced.  In our Toyota, I read the USA Hockey.  Mom, Dad, and I went back home.  We talked on FaceTime with Aiyla Miyuki Zeller, Anthony Philip Zeller, and Charles.  Afterwards, I watched the Weather Channel on the channel 270 by myself in Mom and Dad’s room.  I texted Cara Zeller at nine forty p.m.  I read I Have a Dream: Writing and Speeches That Changed the World, by myself.  In the late evening, I texted Emily Anne Lyons, her, Tony Zeller, and Janette Sakamoto Koga.  In the late night, I went to sleep by myself in my room.