Blogging with Guy – Sunday, May 5, 2015

May 5, 2015 By vincent-uribe

I woke up at 9:00 a.m.  Today was full moon.  I weighed one hundred sixty-six point five pounds in the bathroom.  I ran six point zero three miles down Beverly.  My running time of forty-eight minutes, sixteen seconds, and seventy-eight centiseconds.  Uncle Greg and I went home at ten eighteen.  I made breakfast.  In Uncle Greg’s black Nissan, I drew Connie D’Amico in the small notebook.  I went with him to Sam’s Club in Evergeen Park.  I bought bratwurst and Fuji apple.  Uncle Greg and I drove back home in his sedan.  I mowed the lawn.  I trimmed the edges with a dark-green clipper.  I went back home at twelve forty-nine p.m.  In Uncle Greg’s black sedan, I read running magazines back in Evergreen Park.  We didn’t go to 115 Barbon st because it was too crowded so Uncle Gregory Chad Yasutake and I dove to Barracos.  I ordered pizza and Shirley Temple with ice cubes.  I watched the Minnesota Twins versus Chicago White Sox game on Comcast SportsNet with Uncle Greg Yasutake.  The waitress brought us white food container.  I watched a baseball game on the channel.  In Uncle Greg’s Nissan, I read magazines.  I went back home some more at two forty-six. In the midafternoon, we saw Kalyn Yasutake, Kelly Sonoko Yasutake, Aunt Debra Joe Yasutake, and Uncle David Michael Yasutake.  In the late afternoon, we watched a game on the black television with everybody in the family room.  Upstairs, I solved an easy circular Sudoku in the book in my room.  In the evening and downstairs, I watched “The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard” with Anthony Philip Zeller, Kalyn, and Dad.  I read the Chicago Tribune on my white iPad in the living room.  In the late-night evening, I washed the knife.  In the late-night, I went to sleep.