December 18, 2012 By vincent-uribe

Dear friend,
When I began volunteering at The Arts of Life I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I saw immediately was the artists’ desire to write and perform great music.
Within a couple of music sessions, songs were being written and the concept for “Get the Dinosaurs on the Phone” was born. Since that time, the artists have written the lyrics/dialogues/monologues, created a set and costumes and filmed a music video. The result is a very compelling audio recording and a DVD rich with metaphor, comedy and great music! I was tickled every moment through the process.
I’m certain that others will hear and view “Get the Dinosaurs on the Phone” as a serious, polished piece of work with credit going to the artists participating. While volunteering at The Arts of Life, I learned as much about myself as I was passing on to the North Shore Music Ensemble (NSME). I am proud of being part of the process.
Why should you support the mission at The Art’s of Life? My experience with coaching the NSME Music Ensemble and my participation in the production of the video “Get The Dinosaurs On The Phone” brought it home for me. The glow on the faces of the artists at the premier of “Get The Dinosaurs On The Phone” brought a tear to my eye. I can’t imagine this happening without your support of The Arts of Life.
This month, we are asking you to donatetoward our campaign to raise $30,000. Your support will enable us to provide services like music programming even when the state’s financial resources have run out and Illinois freezes payments to providers. Here’s what you can do:

A donation of $25 purchases a costume for one of our musicians!
A donation of $160 purchases one Fender guitar for The Arts of Life’s music program!
A donation of $600 purchases six dynamic microphones for our singers!
A donation of $1,500 helps produce an album by NSME or The Arts of Life Band!

It’s that simple. Any donation, no matter how large or small, makes a difference. Your ongoing support made our success possible and now we need your help to move forward. Thank you for being a part of The Arts of Life community! Join me in a hats off to the artists at The Arts of Life! They truly deserve it. Happy Holidays, Domenic Bucci North Shore Music Volunteer P.S. Your donation insures that we can continue to provide artists with developmental disabilities a supportive community.If you have already donated toward The Arts of Life 2012 Winter Appeal, thank you!