Linda Ruzga: Chicago Studio’s Artist of the Month for August

August 31, 2018 By catherine-norcott

In August, longtime artist, Linda Ruzga was selected for her second round as artist of the month by curator, Tim Stone.  Her brightly colored paintings and fiber works echo the hot weather and sunny skies throughout the month. Recorded below are their thoughts about the exhibition, plus some bonus questions that Linda fielded from Instagram fans.


Catherine: How do you feel about being artist of the month?

Linda:  I’m artist of the month! [Smile] Feels fine.  I’m happy! I’ve been working hard. It is so glamorous!


Catherine: Tell us a little about your artwork.

Linda:  Pictures on the wall!  I’m an artist. Paints on paper.  Pastel art! I make glamorous art! It always stands out!  It’s beautiful and happy. I’m beautiful and happy too. It’s like flowers, the flowers stand out.  And all my bright colors! It pops out!


Instagram Fan: What is your favorite kind of fiber material to use?  And what is your favorite color to use?

Linda: I like red yarn and ribbon!


Catherine: Tim, what stood out to you about Linda’s work?

Tim:  I picked her because I like her artwork.  I also like her process, the way she makes her art.  What she makes is so unique. I like the different materials that she uses.  


Catherine: How would you describe Linda’s style to someone who hadn’t seen it?

Tim:  It is abstract.  It is made with sometimes paper, cloth, and paint.  She uses many different materials. It has many different colors.  Sometimes there are patterns. Her work is full of happiness. It is joyful.            


Catherine: As curator, what is your favorite piece?  What do you like about it?

Tim:  I like the one that is woven with the squares.  Linda made it enthusiastically. I like the square pattern in it because I also use squares.  I like all the different colors that Linda used. It makes me think about a rainbow.


Catherine: What inspires you to make art?

Linda:  I’m looking at a book.  It has fashion girls, in long dresses.


Instagram Fan: Who is your favorite artist?

Linda: Sue!  My friend who works near me.  She’s my favorite artist!


Catherine: What else do you want people to know about you and your art?

Linda: I should show’em art what I do.  How my art pops out! All the art that I do.  I want people to come in to see my art.


Catherine: You chose to display examples of Linda’s painting and fiber work.  What connections do you see between these different processes?

Tim: Linda has those two different ways that she does her work.  You see the same colors repeated. I think they are connected.


Instagram Fans: What are you working on now?

Linda: A new fabric project!  I want to make more art!