Meet our Design Intern: Anastasia Campeau

November 15, 2019 By catherine-norcott
Image of intern and artist standing together with a piece of artwork
Image of intern and artist standing together with a piece of artwork
Anastasia and Alysha showing off a completed piece of artwork.

Anastasia Campeau uses her day off from classes to give back at Arts of Life each week.  With studies focused on the interaction between design and communication, she was looking for ways to get real-world design experience.  In her time as an intern, Anastasia has fluidly moved between design projects and studio support. She took a few minutes to chat with PR Committee Member, Frances Roberts, this month.  You can read some highlights from their conversation below.

Frances Roberts (FR): How long have you been volunteering here?

Anastasia Campeau (AC): Almost two months, I think.  Since September.  

FR: How did you learn about Arts of Life?  What inspired you to volunteer?   

AC:  My professor, Brother Mark Elder, introduced me to this studio.  I was interested in helping out. I remember, you gave me my tour, Frances!      

FR: It’s been so long, I didn’t remember that.  You have to remind me. 

AC: You were very friendly and opened the door for me!  I was very comfortable right away, so it felt like a good fit.  

FR: Do you make art?  What kind of art do you do?  

AC: Most of my art is digital, so it is made on the computer.  Sometimes my work is more illustrative, at other times it I focus on the rules of graphic design.  I want to find ways to combine illustration and graphic design in the work that I do. I want there to be more creativity and flexibility in the design world.  I take inspiration from the way design and illustration seem to work together in Japan. It feels more authentic to me.   

FR: Where do you go to school?  What are you studying? 

AC: I go to DePaul University.  That’s where Bro. Mark works. He’s a muralist and educator there.  I am a Communication and Media major with a minor in Graphic Design.  And I’m taking graduate classes too, to work towards my Master’s in Digital Communications and Media Art.  

FR: Is that downtown or up north?

AC: There’s two locations.  I have classes at both.  

FR: What is your favorite class?

AC: That’s a hard one.  I think my favorite class has been my Intro to Digital Communications class.  I like thinking about Communication online. It wasn’t something I thought about much before the class.  But, we’re talking about a lot of subjects, like vidding – that’s a part of fan culture where people take videos and remake the footage to music to express a new meaning.  It has often been a part of counterculture movements. I’ve enjoyed looking more broadly at digital culture.    

FR: What are your doing for your internship at Arts of Life?

AC: I’ve done some Graphic Design for events.  I did a lot of little things for the Chili Cook Off: drink menus, name tags, things like that.  But I also spend a lot of time in the studio, talking with artists about their work. I like to talk with them about their ideas and give feedback.  It is great to see what everyone is working on.    

FR: What do you like to do for fun? 

AC:  I do watch a lot of TV to relax. 

FR:Yeah, me too.  I like to take naps. 

AC: I also like to go running and exercise 

FR: Do you go running In the cold? 

AC: No, at the gym.  I also embroider sometimes, or draw.  I do a lot of shopping, especially at vintage and thrift stores.  I like to sift through things to see what I can find.  

FR: What have you found?

AC: I found a 3 piece 70’s Florida mom outfit – all yellow, with large trumpet flowers.  It has a pair of bell bottoms, a tank top, and a cardigan, all with the same patterns. And I found an amazing Dior sweater in New Orleans.

FR: That’s something we have in common!  I have family down there, but it is too expensive to go visit.

AC: Yeah, I’ve been driving because the cost of a plane ticket is too high, even in the off season.  I’m going to do that soon, for the holidays and to take my car home for the winter. Luckily, my partner is from the Midwest, so they’ll be able to help me.  

FR: What is something you learned in your time at Arts of Life?

AC: Everyone has their own way to make their art.  I’ve learned that by talking with different artists about what they’re doing.  Some people are open to discussing things, and some people are more closed off.  I can understand that, because that’s how I am. I can be more private about my work.  It’s nice to see people who like to share, I feel like I’ve learned from that, and have been excited to see that!  It helps me feel like I can be excited and proud of what I’ve made too! 

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