North Shore Meet an Artist: Rebecca Turner

March 7, 2014 By vincent-uribe

Despite the constant changes to her environment, Rebecca Turner consistently proves that she is a strong, independent woman capable of personal and artistic growth. For this, among other reasons, she was presented with the Strength Award at the 2014 Awards Show. Only two days after the Awards Show Rebecca was already busy preparing for the next big event, the 3rd Annual Square Foot Show. Rebecca attended the exhibition last year with her family and is currently working on the piece she will be submitting for this year’s show. Continue reading to see a sneak peek of Rebecca’s mixed media creation and learn more about her time at the studio.  What materials do you like to work with?I use colored pencils. My favorite is acrylic paint because it’s fun. My favorite color to use is red. It’s the color of my favorite sweatshirt. How long have you been making art?For a while, a little while. I make art on Mondays and Tuesdays. What inspires you to create art?I like to look at art books. Describe the projects you are currently working on.I’m working on this picture. It’s blue, yellow, and green. When you mix the yellow and blue it makes green. Yea, they do that. Do you have other roles at the studio besides making art?I like to draw. I have responsibilities, like clean the bathroom.What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at the studio?I hang out with my mom. We just go on the computer. We make food sometimes and eat dinner. If you could not be an artist, what other job would you chose to do?I’d be a chef, cooking. I’d make mashed potatoes, maybe some chicken. I’d also make peanut butter balls with chocolate. And candy. What’s your favorite thing about The Arts of Life?My favorite thing is having fun, thats about it. What are your thoughts on the 2014 Awards Show? It was good! I got an award because I did great. We had a good time. It was fun. I liked the soup, it had white beans with garlic. We had a salad too with hummus and some really good dressing.