North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Cindy Shanker

February 15, 2018 By vincent-uribe

In preparation for the day, I enter the studio and read over our scheduled volunteers. On Monday and Wednesday my shoulders relax, a smile comes across my face and I exhale as I read the name “Cindy Shanker.” Reading Cindy’s name on the schedule is so much more than simply knowing we have an extra body in the studio. Reading “Cindy Shanker” translates as “dependable” it means “Don’t worry, today each North Shore artist will receive skillful attention, sensible assistance and boundless energy and enthusiasm.” Cindy is the volunteer coordinators dream and a vital part of the community.

Cindy First started at the Studio August 22, 2012, She has dedicated 5 and a half years and has logged over 1,735 hours of service.“Cindy is what Kim Scott would call a Rock Star. She loves her role and is always reliable and consistent. I have never known the studio without her and I cannot imagine the community without her. She always possesses such poise and knows just when to speak up.” – Rick Sindt, Development and Communication Manager

“Cindy has done a wonderful job. I love art talk. I like Rome when you show the buildings.” said Artist Russell Coppenharve. As a member of the North Shore Art League, Cindy uses her own creative practice alongside art history to fuel Art Talk, a fan favorite when it comes to supplemental programming. In addition, she has brought in five visiting art league artists to share their practice and participate in a collaborative exhibition.

As of 2017, Cindy began a poetry group on Monday afternoons. The group has produced 19 poems, presented a selection of their work at our annual Awards Show and began working on a book of poetry. “Cindy is very sweet and kind and gentle. I like the way she helps with my art. I think she’s a good staff and I love Poetry.” – Nikole Heusman, Artist

“Cindy is a force to be reckoned with! Not only is she perpetually patient, compassionate and kind….but she is unflappable in chaotic moments. The artistic skill and knowledge she shares with the artists have a tremendously positive impact on artistic outcomes from our studio. Cindy is an invaluable member of our studio community, and has one of the biggest hearts I have ever known!” – Megan Harrigan, NS Arts Coordinator”Cindy is one of the most versatile and productive volunteers I have ever observed.” Emanuel Zoberman, Volunteer. The North Shore has exceedingly deep amounts of gratitude for all of our volunteers and thankful for leaders like Cindy who pave the way for success. Thank you for all of your love and service.