North Short Artist Spotlight: Ed Rawski

July 13, 2015 By vincent-uribe

Ed Rawski is a gentle spirit with a strong curiosity about foreign people, cultures, and languages—which he expressed vibrantly in his colorful acrylic paintings.  When he’s not providing impromptu Spanish or Tagalog lessons to peers and colleagues, you can often find Ed smiling on observantly and dreaming to himself. Check out his interview with Studio Coordinator, Courtney Mackedanz below to learn more about him! Courtney Mackedanz: Ed, I’m so excited to interview you! I’ve always wanted to ask you more about what inspires your artwork.  What do you like to depict?Ed Rawski: I really like to make pictures of women…sometimes the sky too. I like to see people from different countries, maybe places.  I like to look at Spain and India.  Other places like China and Japan too.CM: Your current project is an acrylic painting of a volleyball player from Latin America?ER: I’m working on a woman project, I’m sketching it and then I’ll paint it.CM: Why do you think you’re so curious about foreign cultures?ER: Well, when I went to China, they speak Chinese there. My mom and I liked it.  We had a room together in Tokyo and there were hot spring baths that we took each morning.  The trip was a long time ago, but I still remember.CM: So, what’s it like when you come to the studio to make work?ER: Art making is good because I can learn new stuff and practice what people teach me.  I set up my paints in the morning and just start working.CM: Is it always easy for you to paint?ER: Sometimes art making is a little hard, but I do a lot of deep breathing.CM: Excellent strategy! Have you been making art for a long time?ER: I think for a long time! I make art everyday at home.  I use paints that my mother used to use when I’m at home.  Like oil paints, I like to paint flowers for my mom.CM: That is really lovely.  You’re good with flowers! Is there a favorite piece that you’ve made recently?ER: I made a painting about a Chinese woman lately.  She was smoking a cigar.CM: Yeah, I like the color in that one! So, what do you do when you aren’t making art?ER: I’m dancing a lot.  I’ll be performing at the Gala, swimming too, at the community center. I do breast stroke and front crawl for forty-five minutes!CM: Way to mind your health! Anything else that you’re really good at?ER: I love to take the PACE bus by myself. Hmmmm…. maybe acting is good! I like to act in play and well…let’s see what we can do here!CM: Right! Maybe you can be in the next play—I can’t wait! Thanks for the interview, Ed!ER: Anytime!