The North Shore Studio’s Photo Group Flex Their Creative Muscle!

June 28, 2015 By vincent-uribe

 The creativity of the North Shore Studio’s photography group never ceases to amaze! During a discussion on shadow use in photography, the artists were inspired to embark on a long-term project involving the use of silhouette as shadow. They dreamed up the most incredible story in photos that is ready for your viewing pleasure!The artists elected to limit the story to a series of ten images. This proved to be an exercise in curating as they selected only most relevant images to tell their story. The process also involved designing, producing and assembling the story’s characters. Artists considered subject positioning in each scene while capturing the photographs. Dynamic negative spaces emerged in the photos as a result of these aesthetic choices.What story did they tell? I’m not going to give the surprise away, but I will tell you that their story surpasses expectation with the element of suspense! Take a look at the accompanying photographs and you will see for yourself. Enjoy!