Volunteer Spotlight: Lizz Knowlton

December 18, 2014 By vincent-uribe

Over the last couple of months, The Arts of Life community has been dealing with staff changes, planning big events, and seeing good friends move away to start new chapters of their lives. To say the least, it’s been hectic. One of the things that the staff and artists at The Arts of Life are eternally grateful for are our dedicated and hardworking volunteers. Their support and generosity helps us get through especially busy times with smiles on our faces and a positive attitude. One volunteer in particular who has helped us through this frenzied period is the wonderful Lizz Knowlton. Lizz came to us as a DePaul intern studying psychology. Over the course of her internship, she worked hard to get to know all of our artists and become a valued member of our community. She even stayed on through her winter break! She has been integral at many of our events at the studio and off-site, helping support the artists, managing merch sales, and photographing. She has gotten to know most of the members of our community very well and goes out of her way to support our artists’ artistic practice in any way she can. Without volunteers like Lizz, The Arts of Life wouldn’t be the same place at all!