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Animal Friends
by Alex Scott

Animal Friends


Animal Friends, 2018
Colored pencil and pen on card stock
17″ x 14″

Scott has developed a signature and unique style in his eleven years at Arts of Life. He loves language and keeps a giant dictionary at his desk for reference. He’s also influenced by Dr. Seuss’s creation of worlds, characters, and narratives. This work on cardstock shows a colorfully rendered group of animals having a dance party together. Scott has been a Chicago studio artist since 2009.

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Colored pencil and pen on card stock
17" x 14"

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Alex Scott
Alex Scott

Alex Scott was born in 1987 and is a Chicago native. Known for his use of reduced forms and flat, bright colors, Scott’s fresh, direct approach appeals to our human yearning for simplicity and the nostalgia of childhood.

“When I look at my pictures, and when other people look at my pictures, that is when I’m inspired. I’m inspired to help others, the studio, different things, and doing collaboration. I love making art.”

Scott’s work is inspired by the alphabet, books and other language-learning tools found in the studio. His tools of choice are markers, oil pastels, paint, and colored pencils.

“My favorite things that I draw are [the] sun, clouds, grass, hippos, dolls, characters, people, birds, mice, skeleton woodpecker, a wiener dog, hippo, a spotted dog. People like that I do different things.”

Since joining the studio, Scott’s work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions including his solo show titled “Summer Things” in 2014. More recently, Scott was featured in Circle Contemporary’s exhibition “The Beasts”, as well as the continuation of that exhibition at The Other Art Fair located at MANA Contemporary in September 2018.

“I make art because I want to be happy. I would rather make art than do anything.”

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