Our Team

Amy Mall
Chicago Studio Arts Specialist
Amy received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute in 2004 and joined the Arts of Life as an intern in 2003, a year before graduating. The values of the studio are the same values that she wanted to support in the world. Arts of life is a place she looks forward to going to and being a part of, as the community encourages her own creative practices. In 2017, she earned a certificate in Horticulture Therapy from the Chicago Botanic Garden.
Andreana Donahue
Art Manager
Born in this great city of ours, Andreana travelled all the way to SAIC to get her BFA in 2003. She is a visual artist, writer, and co-founder of the interdisciplinary advocacy project Disparate Minds. Andreana has organized and participated in exhibitions throughout the U.S. and Iceland, and is a 2018 Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers recipient.
Anna Kramer
North Shore Arts Specialist
To Anna, Arts of Life served as the perfect blend of art and disability activism. When she learned more about the values the organization had, and the art that was being created, she knew she had to be a part of it. Anna received a BFA in painting and a BA in Art History from the University of Iowa in 2016.
Anne Cauley
Director of Development & Communications
Anne was searching for an organization committed to strengthening and positively impacting our community, and found it in Arts of Life. Graduating from Butler University in 2007, she received a BS in Arts Administration. Passionate about building cooperative and creative teams, she is proud to have supported the creation of Milwaukee’s Three Bridges Park and nine Chicago Fringe Festivals.
Ariella Miller
Chicago Studio Arts Coordinator
Born and raised in Chicago, Ariella got her Undergraduate degree in Art History and Studio Art from Marlboro College in 2010, and a Masters in Art Education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016. She was a graduate fellow at the Institute for Curatorial Research and Practice at SAIC and also biked 100 miles on the hottest day of the year.
Catherine Norcott
Community Resources Manager
Hailing from Western Pennsylvania, Catherine found out about Arts of Life through the artist community. When an opportunity arose, she was excited to participate more fully and continue her own creative practice alongside this vibrant community. Catherine got her Bachelors in Fine Arts with Minors in Art History and Psychology from AIB.
Christea Parent
Chicago Studio Coordinator // Administrator
Christea is passionate about the arts and disability service and justice, and Arts of Life served as a wonderful intersection for them. They went to New York University, Tisch School for the Arts in 2011, receiving a BFA in Theatre. Christea currently produces a regular variety show in Logan Square and has performed in diverse venues across Chicago.
Denise Fisher
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Arts of Life simply would not be what it is today without Denny. As one of the co-founders, Denny was inspired to open Arts of Life because she saw a lack of opportunities for supporting people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and wanted to promote equity and leadership. When she’s not working or thinking about work, she’s outside as much as possible or inside enjoying Chicago’s vibrant creative culture.
Diane Florian
North Shore Studio Coordinator
Diane graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington in 2011 with a B.A. in Fine Art and Psychology, and minors in Art History and Italian. After learning about Arts of Life she immediately wanted to be a part of its creative culture. When inspiration strikes, she can be found carving linocut prints that explore the impacts of the urban environment on its wild animal denizens.
Erica Bittner
Grant Writer
Arts of Life needed a grant writer, and luckily, Erica was looking to write about things she was genuinely passionate about. Our mission and studio culture was immediately a cause she felt compelled to support, and the generosity and sense of community inspired her to join us in 2017. If you’re looking for Erica, you can find her in the middle of a good book, the middle of a yoga backbend, or professionally acting on The Chi, Chicago Fire or various notable theatres in Chicago.
Jacob Lindgren
Web Developer
Lexi Krebs
Community Resources Coordinator
Lexi found Arts of Life as a volunteer, and drawn by the level of autonomy given, the ownership and leadership opportunities that the Arts of Life community provides for a population that is often denied those things, decided to stay. She received her degree in Political Science from Northeastern Illinois University in 2016.
Lily Harper
Development Coordinator
Megan Harrigan
North Shore Art Development Lead
Originally Megan joined Arts of Life as a volunteer, but became drawn in by the progressive nature of the organization. She received her B.S. in Photography with Minors in Art and Journalism from Western Illinois University. Her artwork has been featured in galleries and at the Rockford Art Museum and Elmhurst Art Museum.
Mogan Mandalay
Social Media Manager
Vincent Uribe
Art Director
Milo the dog is owned by Vincent. A favorite around Arts of Life, you can find him begging for belly rubs and wearing cute dog outfits. Milo’s owner Vincent can be found curating dozens of notable exhibitions within Chicago and abroad. Vincent is the founding director of LVL3, an artist-run gallery and online publication. He strives to help pull the Arts of Life into the contemporary art scene.
Veronica Murashige
Arts of Life Band Manger