Hot Fun in the Summertime

June 17, 2016 By vincent-uribe

On our last day before break, everyone at the Chicago Studio is gearing up for some fun in the sun.  We asked a few artists what they planned to do with all their free time.  You can find out what they said below: Christina: I like to go on walks in the summer.  I like to look all around the neighborhood.  I might go shopping too!Kelly: Have hamburgers and pop!  And stay cool in the house.Pablo: I’m gonna watch baseball and soccer.  Lots of sports!Linda: I want to hang out by the pool and keep cool.  Can’t wait to show off my bathing suit!  It’s nice and pretty.  Woo!Kris: I’m trying to get to a nature park near my house, to walk the trails, see the ducks, watch people go fishing.  I’m gonna watch some movies too, and relax.Dave: I want to have a nice barbeque and visit other people I know.  I can’t wait to have some grilled chicken and watermelon!Guy: Go to the pool, and have a barbeque.  Excited about eating hamburgers!