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Circle Contemporary Chicago
May 10 - June 8

Atlan Arceo-Witzl, Marcelo AñónAriée Carter, Raina Carter, Cole Fox, Phil Gazzolo, Ted Gram Boarini, Stefan Harhaj, Jaclyn Jacunski, Rebecca Kubica, Lawrence M., Carol Pyes, Brian Reed, Frances Roberts with Allison Wade, Annie Soler, Kelly Stone, Maria Vanik, Jean Wilson, Titus Wonsey, Christina Zion


Opening reception
Friday May 10, 2024
5:00-8:00 pm

******Guest Curated by Matt Bodett

What makes text textual? Who decided the arrangement of the alphabet? Is language a tool or/and a weapon? How does it shape our perceptions and realities? Who holds the authority to define words, to assign meaning and significance? Do words hold inherent power, or is their potency derived from the contexts in which they are employed? How does language construct and deconstruct identities? Can words both liberate and oppress? Who controls the narratives embedded within language? Can words transcend their literal meanings to become symbols of power, resistance, or oppression? Whose voices are amplified, and whose are silenced in transcendence? Can words capture the complexities of human experience, or do they inevitably fall short? Can words really be a salad? In what ways does language intersect with issues of identity, belonging, and exclusion? Is language a barrier or a bridge between individuals and communities? Whose linguistic realities are deemed acceptable, and whose are pathologized as deviant or abnormal? Does text inherently contain the essence of deviancy? Is a question only denoted by a mark?

Matt Bodett lives and works in Chicago as an artist and mad/disability advocate. Drawing from lived experience he utilizes artwork to explore and critique visual culture and its role in stigma. Having gone to school in Boise, Idaho Bodett moved to Chicago in 2013 to pursue a more serious studio practice. Since then he has exhibited art, performance, and poetic works at cultural institutions like Steppenwolf theater and The Poetry Foundation in Chicago, The Freud Museum in London, and for the No Limits festival in Berlin. 

Aside from a full time studio practice, Bodett has also opened the Center for Mad Culture in Chicago, which explores the cultural and aesthetic possibilities of madness. He teaches for Loyola University Chicago and Columbia College Chicago, while also serving on the advisory board for the Institute for Therapy through the Arts, on the Artists Counsel for 3Arts.


May 10
June 8
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Circle Contemporary Chicago
2010 W Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL 60612 United States
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